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Valentine and Cali

A cat and a dog sharing a journal

Valentine and Cali Puppy
14 February
Hi! I'm Valentine. This use to be my journal all by myself. Now I share it with the mutt. I came to live with the girl and Daddy in January 2004. Fortunately for me they are good guardians. They are strongly against declawing. I don't like going to the vet but they make me go to keep me healthy. Daddy thinks he's the ruler of this house but we all know I am the Queen Bitch Ruler of all I survey. The girl wears a collar just like me and the mutt. I am a beautiful gray tabby feLION feline girl. Fear me.

Valentine Kitty

Hey there. I'm Cali. Valentine being the wondermous ruler *sucking up* that she is letting me use her journal. Though I am not a mutt as she says. I'm the newest member of the family and I've been here since January of 2005. The girl and Daddy could not find the people I was with before because I had no collar, tags or microchip. Now I have a collar {just like the girl} and tags just like Valentine. Soon I'll be going in to get a microchip too. After wandering the neighborhood for over a month I found my forever home when I ran through the back door. They just couldn't resist my charming, fun, and loving personality. Even Valentine likes puts up with me now.

Cali Puppy

I am "the girl" that they refer to. I am anti-declawing. I believe part of being a responsible pet owner is keeping pets up to date on vaccinations, spay and/or neuter, collars with tags and microchipping. Millions of animals are put to death each year. I encourage people to adopt a pet from a shelter or humane society before paying money for pets from other sources.

Some websites of interests
for pictures of US!

Humane Society.

To find pets check out PETFINDER.ORG

Select a pet based on your lifestyle.

http://www.lisaviolet.com in particular the page
with declawing information.

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And of course one of my favorite groups that i belong to with lots of other kitty friendly stuff is cats_with_claws

Cali is still looking for a good active doggie group to join.