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Valentine and Cali Below are 10 entries, after skipping 10 most recent ones in the "Valentine and Cali Puppy" journal:

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February 7th, 2005
11:16 pm


PuppyDog Training
So it's almost been a week. I've been training the puppydog. The task is left to me because of course the two legged ones don't know how to properly train a dog. Here is a few moments from my day.

Hark! I hear a PuppyDog eating.

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February 3rd, 2005
12:35 am


So there is a dog here now. Again.

I am NOT happy about it. Though I've been teaching her who is da boss. Fear da kitty! Though I did claw the girl but good when going after that little furball yesterday.

The girl says it may be gone in a couple of days like the dog almost a year ago and the cat this past summer. Why can't the girl just learn to ignore the dogs and cats that wander into my yard and my house? Literally this dog came running into the house when the girl came home yesterday. Of all the nerve!

The dog wasn't here but a few minutes and the girl took her to the vet. Dogs get tortured too! The girl tried to give me the excuse that the dog had to stay here a few days because it doesn't have a microchip like me. If the dog had of had one then it would have been on it's way home already.

It whined for a good hour last night when the girl went to bed. Since the dog doesn't have a litter box she put it in the bathroom. I was sure glad when it finally shut up. All that whining and barking was annoying me.

Now I don't understand why the dog gets to go outside several times a day. It just runs around and plays in the back yard. The girl doesn't let me out that often. And not by myself. Even though the fence is vinyl she knows there are other ways I could possibly get out. I am just waiting for an opportunity when she's not out there watching me.

Sadly, if no one can properly identify this dog the girl and Daddy want to *gasp* keep it. The girl is not trying real hard either. She's not putting posters up all over the neighborhood like she did them other animals. She figures calling the city shelter here, the city shelter the next town over, putting up notices at vets office, and checking 2 of the local papers is enough.

She has tried to get a picture of the 2 of us together.

That is me on the far right being unsociable. It's one thing to put up with her picture taking. It's another to have to be embarrassed by having a picture of me with {of all things} a dog.

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December 28th, 2004
12:06 am


Meow Missmiss
Daddy and the girl took me on a little trip. I got to go visit Daddy's brother and his cat Goober. Goober had no respect for my authority. Like a good Queen Mistress Bitch Ruler that I am, I tried to assert myself. Goober kept fighting back though. The humans did not find much amusement in this. It was bruising my ego that they were amused when we were hissing and growling at each other and no one took me seriously.

Most of the Missmiss holiday I spent in a spare bedroom that Daddy and the girl slept in. The girl visited me in there often. She'd let me out to roam about a bit when Goober was outside. I was just glad to get back home today. Even though the car ride was long it was not too bad.

At least I'm back home with my own toys, bed, hiding places, perches, new litter box, and no other cats. Going with them was better than staying at the vets office where I would have been in a room, with lots of other animals and in a cage by myself for several days.

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November 26th, 2004
11:34 pm


Turkey Turkey Turkey ...
Yesterday the girl cooked TURKEY!! YUM!! The girl and Daddy let me have my fill. Today I got to have a bit more. Every day should be Turkey Day. They have had company too. More folks for me to terrorize play with. Some left today and the last of their company leaves tomorrow. Then I get MY bedroom back!! I've been being held captive in the girl and Daddy's room at night. I'm use to having my own bed and not have to worry about anyone kicking. The girl kicks all night long. Daddy makes a horrible noise that the girl says is snoring. And I haven't slept as much during the day because of everyone being noisy, eating, and wanting to pet/play with me. I'm ready for a good sleep again. And still I look forward to the next time.

Daddy's brother has invited me to come visit with them at Christmas. I will like not having to stay at the vet or left alone but he has a cat named Goober. I am use to being the only cat around. I'm not fond of sharing attention. They are hoping since I'm a girl {fixed} and he's a boy that we'll get along. I think I'll leave it as a susprise. *grins*

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November 15th, 2004
06:53 pm


Mine! MINE! MINE!!!!
I am mad at the girl. I'm fuming mad. She let another cat in MY house! Then to top it off Daddy was even playing with it. MINE MINE MINE!!! Go away other cat. *huffs off growling and spitting*


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November 7th, 2004
11:34 pm


Long overdue update
I haven't updated much as of late. I blame this on the girl and her being moody. She recently had a birf day. I'm looking forward to mine. Guess for some reason the humans don't look forward to them after a while? She's not been happy with the picture box lately. She says she's tired of hearing about lections?

I am doing good. I'm especially happy since the girl and Daddy came back home from a couple of days away. I do not like being alone unless it's me choosing to be alone in another room or sumfin. I like makin them feel guilty. At least they didn't come back smelling like another cat this time.

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September 30th, 2004
09:39 pm


A mouse, a lizzard and a box
It was an awesome day!!!

First the girl let me go outside. There was a mouse on the pool float. I couldn't get to it by myself ... all that water. The girl pulled the float to the side of the pool and then the mouse was mine!! Well, I swatted it out of the pool. Then I played with it for quite a while. Finally I was just played out and let it go.

Later in the house I found a lizzard. I love lizzards. When I break them in half I get to play with one half while it squiggles and squirms. Then I get to go to the other half and play with it to make my play time longer.

Finally Daddy came home later today with a BIG box. I love playing in boxes. This one is the biggest thus far. It sure made me a happy little kitty though. This has been one of my best days ever. This bestest thing was that it wasn't even my birthday, Christmas or something!


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September 16th, 2004
02:19 pm


The Girl needs a new litter box
The girl has been awfully down lately. Maybe she thinks I'm happy staying in the house because she's happy being in the house with all the curtains drawn and blinds closed.

Earlier today to try and make my point I nipped at her ankles. She was not amused and hollared at me. I'm sensitive and do not take well to hollering.

Then again....

Maybe I'd be grumpy too if my litter box was a bowl of water! *eeeps*

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September 10th, 2004
11:13 am


Caught Again!
Yesterday the girl let me go outside with her. I didn't try to make a break out while she was in the fence with me. After a while she finally went outside the fence. I waited a bit then I made a break for it. She saw me. But she's slow only having two legs and all. I took off like a bullet. She was panicking thinking I was going to go onto the road. I did once but then a big moving metal thing came at me and I scurried back to the yard.

The dog that lives in the yard behind us got out of his fence too. I kept my distance but checked him out. Then I tried to let him know it was MY yard he was in. The girl gave up on chasing me a bit and took the dog back home.

It wasn't long before the girl was back though. We had a 2 {or more} game of chase. What fun I had. She can't climb trees. So any time I thought things were getting to close I'd go up the tree in the side yard. Another cat came to visit for a bit. The girl didn't seem to like my new friend though and kept trying to chase him away. He's such a beautiful orange tabby cat though. But his tail is awfully short.

At one point it seemed as though the girl was giving up. It was now dark outside. My little heart was just pounding away I was so excited. She was back shortly though and with reinforcements. It was no fair the way they surrounded me when I least expected it. Who'd of thought the girl could see so well in the dark. Her friend blinded me with a bright light so I couldn't see where I was going. *pouts*

She brought me in and now tells me I can't go out again. Something to do with the fact they can't move the heating and air conditioning unit. It's a bit high but I can jump on top of it then I balance on the edge of the fence and jump to the freedom ground on the other side.

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September 8th, 2004
01:16 pm


Back Yard Getaway
I got out!! For a few moments I was free to roam the yard neighborhood wild! I was not out long before the girl found me and imprisoned me brought me inside again. It was tricky getting out because of the new vinyl fence. I have my ways though. ;) She's not let me outside again since I got out. She says I can't go out until she has time to be out there supervising me.

Sorry I haven't been updating and keeping up much lately. The girl and Daddy have been busy. At least I had to the chance to be out in the yard a lot until I figured out how to get out of the fence. Now I'm off to take a nap so I can conserve my energy for climbing trees in case I'm let out later.

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