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Cali on the Harley - Valentine and Cali
May 3rd, 2005
06:48 pm


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Cali on the Harley
From Cali

The girl stuffed me in a bag yesterday, strapped me on her back, and took me out for a different experience. I am still not sure if I liked it yet or not. At least she didn't leave me home alone or home alone with the cat. It was just odd to have everything flying by so quickly. I wasn't sure what to think when I got back. I just sat in the bag a bit till the girl took me out. She keeps wondering if I liked it or not. Hard to express either way since I just don't know.


From Valentine

I had a break from everyone yesterday. The girl went out with the dog on that horribly loud machine. I hightailed it the other way before she even thought of an idea of getting me on there. Daddy and the girl have been letting me go outside some. I don't go out of the yard though. This yard is my kingdom. Okay. Okay! Since they got that vinyl fence getting out of the yard is harder and getting back in is even harder. Since the girl won't feed me until after I come back in I don't go far and I don't stay out long. Ahhh ... but one day. *shhhhh* Don't tell Daddy or the girl.


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