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From Valentine Kitty The girl has been busy this week. Of course… - Valentine and Cali
April 14th, 2005
11:40 pm


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From Valentine Kitty

The girl has been busy this week. Of course Cali and I have been helping her. She keeps saying something about spring shedding. She cleans the hair off of the couches and we go lay on the couches in between moments of helping her. Then she's shooing us off of the couches and cleaning them again. We go to all that work to mark our territory and she spends hours trying to unmark it. *pfft*


From Cali Puppy

The girl left me today. Said she had too many errands to run to take me with her. I hate being left at home. Valentine picks on me when the girl is gone. I was sure glad when she came back home. I don't understand her not letting me on the couches lately though. I love rooting the pillows off the couch then stretching out to take up as much of it as I can. Rolling around and playing on the couch. At least with her away for a bit I got to play on the couches again. Shhh. Don't tell the girl. I don't think she knows yet.


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