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We're Home - Valentine and Cali
April 6th, 2005
04:38 pm


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We're Home
From Valentine

I was incarcerated for a bit. Daddy and the girl went out of town. Since it was for 10 days they decided it was better to take me to the evil place where the vet is so I could be locked away in a cage. To add insult to injury they tortured me while I was there. I was poked, prodded, given shots and medication. As if that was not bad enough they cut my beautiful long nails. It will take me weeks to get them back as long and sharp as they were before I went.

My welcome home gift? A stupid bath! I clean myself all the time. I'm probably cleaner than the girl and Daddy. Yet she insists on putting me in the tub. Filling it with water. Getting me wet and soapy. Then trapping me in a contraption she calls a towel. I might have had my nails trimmed but I can still draw blood. When will the girl ever wise up and learn?

I am the ruler of all I survey. I'm Queen of the house and yard. Since we have the vinyle fence the girl lets me go out about once a day. I feel like such a big girl. I have the best of both worlds being an indoor / outdoor kitty Queen.

Valentine Kitty

From Cali

Sure. Valentine complains no matter what. :P~~~

There were lots of peoples for us to play with at the vets office. It was not all that bad. They even took me to visit her a few times. She was never happy to see me though. We get along well enough at home but she had to show her cattitude at the vets office and hiss at me whenever I came over.

There were lots of other dogs there though. We talked a lot. I was barking talking most every time the girl called. She called every day except the Sunday we were there. Some days she called twice. I sure did miss her and Daddy.

I sure was glad to get home! I had a few of my toys there with me. It was great to be held by the girl and loving on Daddy. I didn't get as much lap time as I'm use to there. Sleeping in the big bed again was like heaven. I hadn't slept that good in a long time. She's been walking me every day since we've been back.

I did good on all my tests at the vets office. I'm a healthy little chiuahua / papillon mix tri-colored about 8 month old girl. I don't know why they say they need to "fix me." I passed all the tests. I don't feel sick or broken. It sure does feel good to be home.

Cali Puppy

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Date:April 7th, 2005 01:56 pm (UTC)
Hallo nice pets. Congratulations on making it out of the kennel alive. :) And Cali.. don't take it personally. Valentine ~is~ a cat, after all. We have a reputation to keep up. ;)

*pets and skritchies to you both*
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